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Thursday 16 June 2022

I Got the Best Grades through This Academic Writing Hack

Academic Writing Hack
Want to get an A+ grade but do not know how to grab it? Do not worry; you have come to the right place. Students are always worried about their grades in academic writing, i.e., assignments and essays. If you are one of those students, then do not go anywhere. In today’s article, I will discuss an academic writing hack that will change your grades entirely. So, let’s start describing those hacks straightaway.
Hacks to get the best grades

Students are always in pursuit of getting good grades in their schools, colleges, or universities. But only a few of them reach their desired destination. It is because they do not apply the right strategies to do their academic work. Therefore, I interviewed some top educators as well as experts of best dissertation writing services in the UK and made this guideline of hacks. After reading and adopting those hacks, your academic life will change entirely. Hence, a brief description of all those hacks is as follows:

Read the rubric

The first and the most important academic writing hack is that you should read the rubrics. Rubrics mean the criteria on which the evaluator will check your writing. You must understand that and write your assignment or essay purely based on those guidelines. Do not give much time to things with fewer marks on the rubric page. Give proper time to difficult tasks like body paragraphs.

Write like a diamond

You all know about the shape of a diamond. It gets narrow as you move down. Write exactly like the shape of a diamond. It means that you should expand your ideas in academic writing at first. After expanding them a bit, narrow them to a point. Introduce everything in your writing, like definitions, data, and general things. After doing this, stitch them all together and narrow the focus to the main issue.

Read a lot

It is a very useful academic writing hack that you must practice. Reading and writing go hand in hand. According to the top educators, a good reader student is also a good writer. Reading expands your horizons and fosters your critical thinking skills. Therefore, you must read a lot and read things related to your coursework. It is because those things will help you greatly in the long run and get good grades.

Do not underestimate editing

Many students underestimate the editing stage and get failed. Do not do this if you really want an A+ grade in your academic writing. Edit and proofread your writing before making the final submission. It is necessary because the first draft is not the final draft. There will be many mistakes that still need attention. So, edit properly and hire the editing services if necessary. This academic writing hack is also the most practical one.


I got the best grades all my academic life following these hacks. You can also grab the same grades if you do not underestimate editing and proofreading. Reading books and articles related to your coursework can also help you a lot. Hence, follow the guidelines mentioned above and stand out in the class.

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Tips And Tricks On Making The Conceptual Framework Of Your Dissertation

Conceptual Framework
A conceptual framework represents the sentences of literature by the researcher to explain the phenomenon under study. A conceptual framework outlines the actions that are required to complete the course of study. A researcher develops the conceptual framework based on previous knowledge and observations. It implies that in a conceptual framework, the researcher depicts his understanding. Besides, the conceptual framework indicates the variables may connect. Therefore, the conceptual framework identifies the variables related to the area of study and investigation. In this article, expert writers of a dissertation writing service have shared a step-by-step guide to developing a conceptual framework. If you are a researcher and eager to enhance your knowledge of a conceptual framework, this article can help you in many ways.

Select Key Concepts

The first step is to identify key concepts. You can find the key concepts from your topic, problem statement, and research questions. Your topic plays an important role in your conceptual framework. You extract your topic from a broad area of research. This area of research is based on your personal interest. Your topic should be well within your field of specialisation. You can always use brainstorming tips for selecting your research topic. Therefore, you need to be specific and clear about your topic. As you identify key concepts, the next step is to define each concept.

These concepts may have multiple definitions. Therefore, it is important to clearly define these concepts. Key concepts are an essential part of a research study. In a dissertation, key concepts are important to specify the dimensions of the study. Some studies use conceptual frameworks alternatively for the theoretical framework. These two are essentially similar concepts; however, you can find minor differences in the use. As you are able to define concepts, it will help in the next step of generating your conceptual framework.

Evaluate Relevant Theories, Definitions and Models

The next step is to review the previous literature on your area of interest. As you extract your topic, it is easy to identify relevant studies conducted in the past. While you go through the studies, you will find certain patterns. This pattern may include theories, definitions and models. Make a list of all this information, as it will help you understand the subject matter. This list will also help you to know how previous studies true connections between the key concepts. As you are able to evaluate different models and theories, you need to identify the best fit for your research.

A conceptual framework centres around a suitable theory or model. You need to identify that theory or model based on your gained knowledge. The literature review helps you in comparing different theories and models related to the key concepts. There is a white possibility that the researchers have explored those key concepts in different dimensions. You cannot use all the theories and models used in the previous studies. Therefore, you need to compare different theories. Besides, you may have to explain your choices under your critical evaluation.

Students can use theories and models in different ways using technical writing skills. For instance, you can see the use of agency theory in many business management studies. However, it is essential that you specify the context of using a particular theory. In some studies, a researcher replicates a particular study with a little change in the context. For instance, a researcher may want to investigate the role of CSR for the financial health of farms in the UK, replicating a similar study in the context of the US. In such a scenario, the researcher while replicating a previous study may base his study in a different theoretical background. It suggests that studies can find a research gap based on the theoretical underpinnings as well.

After you identify a theory or model for a conceptual framework, you need variables as well. Identify specific variables described in the previous studies. You also need to identify how these variables are related. There are different ways in which you can identify important variables. In some studies, the abstract section contains the variables along with the findings. In addition, some studies have a summary at the end of the paper. As you identify the variables, you should aim to show how your research would use these variables. Before the next step, you need to answer a few questions. The following questions will help you outline Essential elements of a conceptual framework.
  • Will your study contribute by collecting original data, or will you test theory using secondary data?
  • How does your theory relate to the variable of the study?
  • Is your theoretical grounding a replication of the previous study?
  • Does your research study challenge or critique an existing theory?

Generate a Conceptual Framework

As you respond to the questions previously raised, you are in a good position to generate your conceptual framework for dissertation or thesis writing. Use the variables you have identified from the literature review to build a conceptual framework. Make sure that the conceptual framework aligns with the problem statement and research objective of your study. Research studies always have something unique to contribute to previous studies. Therefore, your conceptual framework should be able to acknowledge the gap in research. As you generate a conceptual framework, its presentation is important as well. You can always look for different presentations for a conceptual framework. Keep in mind that your conceptual framework can be and only point of reference for other studies.

For instance, if a researcher wants to replicate your work, the conceptual framework should be able to provide all the information. Your conceptual Framework presentation contains information regarding the direction of the study. Therefore, you should give a lot of thought to presenting a Conceptual Framework in your dissertation. This article provides you with guidelines to develop your conceptual framework from scratch. By following these steps, you will be able to generate a conceptual framework in an effective manner. Considering all the guidelines, your conceptual framework will contain the information that will support other studies as well.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

5 Reasons Why Setting Academic Goals is Necessary for Students

Academic Goals
Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the oxygen to our dreams. they are the first steps to every journey we take and are also our last. It’s vital that you realize the significance and importance of goal-setting and apply this knowledge in your life. Goals are crucial to school success (and areas of life beyond the classroom). Setting and tracking goals helps your kid learn important life skills such as planning, organization, and time management while also building communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence. According to an assignment writing service, creating and tracking goals is a great way to understand your child’s current academic standing and allows you to focus on determining direction for the future.

Goal setting doesn't have to be boring. There are many advantages and benefits to having a set of goals to work towards. Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life. Goals also help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. In the end, you can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t improve upon something that you don’t properly manage. Setting goals can assist you do all of that and more.

What Is A Goal?
According to Wikipedia the exact definition of a goal is the desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve a private or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.

5 Reasons Why Setting Academic Goals Is Necessary For Students:

Goals Give You Focus:
Without a goal, your efforts can become disjointed and often confusing. For example, a goal takes the flight of a hummingbird, which is chaotic and erratic and focuses it much like a hawk swooping down for its prey. It allows you to zero in on each day’s tasks with laser precision, weeding out wasted effort and idle movement.

Goals Assist You Measure Progress:
Being able to keep track of your progress toward achieving a goal is only possible if you set one in the first place. Being able to measure progress is extremely rewarding and will assist you maintain focus, keep your head held high and your energy up. it'll also keep you from getting down. Sometimes, when working towards success, it’s easy to become discouraged because you don’t feel you have “arrived” yet. However, when you measure progress while working towards a specific goal, you will be able to see that though you might not be where you're wanting to get, you have created movements in the right direction and are a lot better off than where you started.

Goals Assist You Stay Motivated:
It’s easy to put off work until tomorrow when there is no goal on the line. For example, let’s consider the life of an athlete. If they have to get in shape for say an NFL combine, you better believe they are going to be working out each and every day, whether they feel good or not, whether they are sore or not, whether they are tired or not, whether they need to or not, because they have a goal. They have a destination. Their desire to achieve their goal keeps them in the gym when they would much rather skip. In much the same way, having a goal will keep you motivated!

They Help You Beat Procrastination:
Procrastination is something we all battle from time-to-time, myself included. However, when you set goals in life, specific goals for what you want to achieve, it helps you understand that procrastination is dangerous. It is wasted time. it's another day you aren’t moving closer to that goal. Consider this quote from Pablo Picasso next time you are thinking of putting off that next step towards your goal and rethink your stance: “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

You Achieve Even More:
When you set a goal and reach it, it gives you the taste of victory. you will want to taste that again. What will that mean? You push yourself towards the next rung of the ladder, challenge yourself to move past another ceiling, you achieve even more. Working towards meeting and surprising goals help you achieve way more than you ever thought possible. These goals keep you motivated, helping you avoid procrastination and keeping your laser-focused on achieving your dreams. It is, therefore, the act of setting, achieving and surpassing goals that make living your best life possible.

Saturday 9 May 2020

How to Make Your Mind Sharp To Increase Focus on Study

How to Increase Focus
Our brains play a huge part in what makes us 'us,' and keeping your brain in top condition, especially during your studies, can give you that head starts to success. Staying on task can be difficult but when you are surrounded by constant distraction, it can be especially challenging. Diversions are nothing more than a click away in today's ever-connected world. It's possible to boost your mental concentration but that doesn't mean it's always quick and easy. It will take some real work on your part and some of your everyday habits that need to be modified. Here are a few tips and tricks to sharpen your mind to increase focus on the study:

Eliminate Distractions:
Although it may sound obvious, people sometimes underestimate just how many distractions do not allow them to concentrate on the task at hand. Such intrusions could come in the form of a background radio blaring, or maybe a friend. Studies by a coursework writing service show that minimizing such diversion causes is not always as easy as it seems. Although it may be as easy as turning off the television or radio, dealing with an interrupting coworker, kid or roommate may be far more difficult. One way of dealing with this is to set aside a specific time and place and ask to be left alone for that time. Another alternative is to look for a quiet location where you know you're going to be able to work uninterrupted. The library, your home's private space, or even a quiet coffee shop might all be good places to explore. A few techniques that you may want to use and reduce or remove these internal distractions are to ensure that you are well-rested before the task and to use positive vibes.

Try Some Exercises A Few Times A Week:
Not only can exercising boost our fitness levels, but it can also help create a healthy mind. You will strengthen the links between the brain cells by running, cycling, swimming or whatever type of exercise takes your fancy. This will boost your listening and memory abilities and you will be able to gain more knowledge from your lectures and library books. It's suggested that you work out for at least 30 minutes, five days a week, but if you're fairly new to exercise, start with a few days a week and build it up slowly. Otherwise, before you have developed the habit, you risk being sick with the new routine.

Take Short Breaks:
Have you ever tried, for a long time, to concentrate on the same thing? After a while, the concentration starts to break down and devoting the mental energy to the task becomes increasingly difficult. Not only that, but the result is that the performance suffers. Traditional psychological explanations have proposed that this is due to the depletion of cognitive resources, but some researchers believe that this has more to do with the inclination of the brain to overlook sources of constant stimulation. So make sure to allow yourself an occasional mental break the next time you are working on a lengthy mission, such as preparing for an exam. Move your focus to something unrelated to the mission at hand, even though it just takes a few moments to complete. These brief respite moments could mean you can keep your mental concentration sharp and your output high when you need it.

Focus On One Thing at a Time:
Although multitasking can seem like a fantastic way to accomplish a lot quicker, it turns out people are very bad at it. Juggling several tasks at once will drastically reduce efficiency and make it much harder to hone in on the genuinely important data. Part of enhancing your mental concentration is getting the most out of the tools you have at your fingertips. Stop multitasking after getting admission in school, and pay attention to one thing at a time, instead.

Practice To Make Your Mind Sharp And Focus:
Building up your mind sharp is not going to happen overnight. And professional athletes need plenty of time and practice to improve their focus skills. One of the first steps is recognizing the impact that distraction has on your life. If you're struggling to achieve your goals and find yourself sidetracked by insignificant details, it's time to start putting a higher value on your time. By developing your mental concentration, you will find that you can achieve more and concentrate on the things in life that bring you pleasure, joy, and success.

Thursday 2 April 2020

How To Get Medical School Admission In The UK

Medical School Admission
Although all university applications take considerable time and effort, admissions to the medical school are known for being especially rigorous and competitive. When you plan to study medicine outside of your home country, the application process can be even more overwhelming. You will need to review your approved academic credentials, maybe sit a language proficiency test or other assessment, and be prepared to travel to attend a face-to-face interview. Here is a complete guide by assignment writing services about how to get medical school admission in the UK. Let’s start:

Check The Eligibility Criteria:
The first move is to visit the UK medical school websites that you are interested in and read through the criteria for admission. This will usually include academic credentials, proof of language skills (such as the IELTS), references, personal statement, job experience and a UKCAT ranking. You'll need to ensure your academic credentials are approved as a foreign applicant. There are many schools or universities which provide country-specific guidance to make this simple but contact the admissions office if there is any question. Given that job experience is such a significant factor in admissions to medical schools, there may also be requirements to help ensure that you meet standards. You need to have spent at least two weeks studying or job shadowing in a medical environment for the MBBS, or have done voluntary group service for at least six months.

Start Early:
Start your medical school applications as soon as possible, and review them thoroughly before applying, for your peace of mind and to allow yourself plenty of time to meet all the requirements. All university applications need to pay close attention to the guidance issued, to ensure that you get a good first impression and to avoid evaluating delays in your application. If necessary, before you send it, ask a friend, family member or teacher to read documents such as the personal statement.

Write Personal Statement Carefully:
The personal statement is a vital aspect of your application; this is simply a brief essay to describe your goals, aspirations and the reasons for applying. The statement has a limited length (4,000 characters) so using this space wisely is necessary. Highlight related job or volunteer experience; demonstrate the ability to work as a team; demonstrate strong communication and presentation skills, and highlight extracurricular activities and accomplishments. Seek to provide facts to support your claims, such as awards that you have won obstacles that you have faced or initiatives that you have helped coordinate.

Academic Reference:
To endorse your application, you may be asked to send one or more references (similar to the letters of recommendation). To ensure that at least one of your referees is a former teacher or academic instructor, even if you have taken some time out of education, is important. Additional references may come from individuals in a professional or charitable sense with whom you have interacted, but an academic reference is a must.

Interview Preparation:
When you meet all the eligibility requirements, and your statement and references satisfy the panel of admissions, you're likely to be invited to an interview. Although some UK medical schools offer opportunities for interviewing foreign students in other countries, it's normal to be asked to fly to the institution's UK campus. This ensures fair evaluation and adds that prospective students have a good opportunity to explore the campus, consult with tutors and ask any remaining questions.

You Should Have Information about School and Course:
Although preparing for this form of admissions interview is difficult, you can make a good impression by showing that you have done some research about the course and the medical school in question. Attempt to demonstrate your comprehension of some defining features of the ethos of the school, teaching style, facilities and student culture. Explain what motivated you to apply for research here, and why you believe the curriculum suits your interests, learning style, and expectations well.

Have Passion:
The value of communicating your contribution to the profession and your medical research motives both inside your initial application and during an interview. That's what makes candidates stand out. Think about what initially motivated you to consider a medical career, how you have already demonstrated your dedication to follow this direction, and what potential goals are likely to keep you going. Explain what motivated you to apply for research here, and why you believe the curriculum suits your interests, learning style, and expectations well.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Education Should Be Free For Everyone

Free Education
In this argumentative essay, I will discuss the most important topic that education should be free for everyone. I will discuss the positive sides and effects of free education. Let us know what is education? Education is a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction in the school, colleges or university. Education is the procedure of learning knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Educational methods are different such as storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and directions. The education system can take place in a formal or informal setting that has an informative effect on the way of thinking, feeling and acting. The main method of teaching is called Pedagogy. The system of education has been recognized by some governments and the United States. In most countries, education is compulsory up to a certain age. If you are unable to write an argumentative essay on the education system, then you should get help from the professional writers of cheap essay writing services.

The Importance of education
Education is most important to gain success in life. It is the sunshine and delight of human beings. It can change the way of our thinking and acting. Education gives us the strength to face all the difficulties in life. A man can achieve his or her dreams with the education. A nation or country is unable to gain success without education. Education is most important in order to know the reality of the world. No one can gain success and achieve his dreams without the light of education. Education can open a new horizon to search for the reality of the world. With the help of education, the world is going to gain success in every task. Therefore, education should be free at all levels. In most countries, education is free in schools. However, it is most important that education should be free in the universities colleges and schools.

Free education is education that is funded through the taxation organization rather than tuition funding. Primary education is free in many countries; however, it is most important that all education should be free for everyone. The free education system has been identified by the “sponsored education”. This is very helpful for all human beings. A child can achieve his dreams without any difficulties, because, he is able to learn education that is totally free. If the education system is free in the country, a poor person will not look down upon.

Another most important point is that online education should be free. Online is a very essential tool that everyone can learn without any difficulty. Due to the extensive requirement of resources for online education, many people are unable to learn education. However, it is most important that education should be free in the universities. It is very beneficial for all the students. Ethically, free education should be available for all persons. If all level of education is free for everyone, then it is very essential for a person to achieve his or her dreams. If the cost of education is not heavy, then everyone can achieve his or her dreams. In my argumentative essay, I suggest that education should be free for everyone.