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Thursday 23 September 2021

What Do Different Types of Soluble Fibers Do?

Fiber is the undigested food or part of it. It helps the gut digest food that is not digested by itself. The enzymes of the stomach which digest the food do not act on the fibers in that way. We often need fiber for weight loss and issues of digestion. Fiber is present in plant-based foods. It is of soluble and non-soluble types. Soluble fiber is the one that is mixable in the water. The non-soluble fiber is one that does not mix well. The former one includes gums, and pectin as the main examples. Insoluble fibers include lignin and cellulose. The stomach cannot digest these fibers. Experts have suggested an intake of 25g of fiber for women and 38g for men. It helps maintain the normal bodily functions well.

soluble fiber
According to experts of dissertation writing service, soluble fiber is mixable in water of the gut and forms a typical gel-like consistency. It adds toxic components to it and takes it out of the body. This activity of soluble fiber makes it helpful for some medical problems. It can decrease the glucose that is often increased due to diabetes. It also decreases the cholesterol amount in the blood. The insoluble fiber does not do that but helps by forming a bulking agent only. You can get soluble fiber from the edible, and organic sources as well. Artichokes, avocado, sweet potato, beans, lentils, broccoli, turnip, pear, and oats are rich sources.

Talking about the soluble fibers, their different types have different functions as well.
The different uses of soluble fibers are presented below. These highlighting the benefits that come with choosing them.

Weight Management

Weight management and weight loss is an issue faced by most of people. Obesity is increasing globally. People try to manage the weight by cutting down fatty foods. Consuming less is now considered as the right eating pattern. But the natural organic foods are rich in some components that can help us reduce weight. Soluble fibers are one of those components. The gel like thickness helps the fiber in absorbing some substances. In obesity, often cholesterol and toxic substances are higher than the normal amount. Fiber plays a role of decreasing the toxins and fats by absorbing them and taking them out of the body. When the fibers attach with the fats, it leaves nothing for the body to absorb. Soluble fibers are being used in many medicines for cholesterol lowering.

Fermentation and Gut Health

The bacteria in the gut, or to be accurate in the colon, is very important for gut health. It causes weight and toxicity management. The fermentation process increases rate of good bacteria. Good bacteria are important for a healthy gut in general. If you have some gut health issues, try to eat foods with fiber. It decreases the cholesterol and binds itself with it. Cholesterol is also of two types, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Fiber binds with the bad cholesterol.

Probiotics are the small bacteria or good bacteria in the gut. They increase the growth of good bacteria. Legumes and lentils in this case cause the cholesterol lowering effect. These sources have soluble fiber. It acts in the gut and helps in the growth of good bacteria.

Bulking Effect

food in the gut effectively
The fiber is soluble in gut. It combines with the food in the gut effectively. Old people often face the issue of constipation. Poor gut performance may be due to the aging effect. The gastric motility is also sometimes reduced in people. Such issue of health appears as constipation. It is also said to be the mother of many diseases. As, it also effects other organs. Eating food rich in soluble fiber will appear as bulking agent. Fiber medicines are also used by some people. Some foods that can help with producing bulking effect include beans as, they are rich in fiber. Effect of beans on the gut health has been long tested.

Good For The Heart

One of the many benefits of soluble fibers is cholesterol lowering effect. It is beneficial for the heart patients. Heart patients often have high cholesterol. Fibers’ absorption of the bad cholesterol reduces risk of future worse conditions.

Viscous Fiber

The effect of viscous fiber is also bulking. It is the type of soluble fiber that forms a gel like thickness. This gel settles in the gut and absorbs the nutrients. Its consistency is almost like that of honey. As long as the gel is in the gut, it causes a feeling of fullness. The source of these fibers is beta glucan and pectin. We can get enough of this fiber from the oats and flaxseeds. Its traditional use is related to weight reduction. This is because it reduces the appetite. It also increases the feeling of fullness.

Beta Glucan

This type of soluble fiber, beta glucan, is very beneficial. It decreases the level of glucose in blood. Glucose is increased in some diseases like Diabetes. If you include Beta glucan fiber in food, the level of glucose will be in check. Barley and Oats are good sources of beta glucan as well.


food Supplements
Experts of dissertation writing services had a research that shows that the trend of supplements is increasing amongst people. Fiber supplements are also considered helpful for both weight reduction and glucose maintenance. Some of the supplements are good for gut motility and digestive issues. The dose and type of fiber must be managed with care. The use of the type of fiber also depends on the purpose of use. Over dose may cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea as well. Often people tend to use the supplements without care. It is a thought that supplements are natural and don’t have any bad/side effects. But take care in using such supplements. Take a physician’s consultation before taking any supplement.


Soluble and insoluble fibers have different, and somehow overlapping benefits. This fiber is available through dietary, medicinal, as well as supplement sources. The use of soluble fiber is good for your gut, intestine, heart, weight, and glucose. Its regular use in the daily food prevents many medical issues. Soluble fiber is in oats, beans, sweet potatoes, pears, and Brussel sprouts. Daily use of these sources in the food will improve the gut’s motility. It will also help reduce cholesterol and weight. Glucose levels will also be improved through consumption of such food items.