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Wednesday 7 October 2020

How to Create a Most Convincing Essay Introduction

Convincing Essay Introduction
An introduction is among the most important components of your essay. It is opening paragraph of an essay and it must grasp the attention of your reader so that he goes through the body and conclusion of your essay. In order to create a convincing introduction for your essay you must focus on its structure and what type of information it must contain. In an essay the introduction has the same value as a topic sentence have for a paragraph. In a paragraph, topic sentence highlights the information that is going to be discussed in the paragraph. The aim of a good introduction is to let the reader know that how you are going to handle a particular topic. Told by experts of an essay writing service UK, there are many ways to write a convincing introduction but it is essential for a good introduction to have these three parts that are an opening statement, supporting information and a thesis statement.
  • Opening Statement: The beginning of your essay. You can start with a question or a quote or some interesting information that grabs the attention of the reader so that he wants to read ahead.
  • Supporting Details: You will develop the argument presented in the opening statement with supporting details. Keep in mind that it is a paragraph and you have to provide your point of view in 4 to 5 sentences and then establish your thesis statement. These details act as a link between opening statement and thesis statement.
  • Thesis Statement: It states the purpose of your writing and highlights the information that you are going to share with the reader.

The above mentioned parts will form the basic structure of your introduction. To formulate a convincing introduction you need to make sure that it is able to achieve various goals. The first and foremost condition for a successful introduction is that it seeks the audience’s attention. There can be several ways to do that you can start with some interesting fact about your topic, ask a question or by sharing a short story that can increase the curiosity of reader and as a result he moves forward to read the rest of information.

Your introduction should motivate the readers by pointing out what new information they are going to learn from your essay and how this information would benefit them. You need to develop a bond with your audience and let them know that you have skills and expertise to handle the particular topic. Establish your credibility from the beginning so that the reader stays with you throughout the essay.

Highlight you thesis statement that clarifies the central idea of your essay. This is a very important piece of information in your introduction. It introduces the main idea around which other information will develop and progress. It is the gist of your essay that not only focuses on the central idea but highlights the main points that you will be going to discuss in the body of your essay.

A good introduction should help the readers to anticipate tone and substance as well as the structure of your essay. Introduction of an essay is very much like when you are introducing yourself to another person. It indicates all the basic elements of the essay and what information it will highlight by using the language that is captivating enough to attract the readers. You can use new words and eloquent vocabulary to present your point in a much better way.

If you find it difficult to shape a good introduction in the start then you should left it for the end. You can create a good introduction when you have the full picture in front of you. Many students find it hard to devise an interesting and captivating introduction in the start because at this stage they do not have enough information about the topic. For them it is better to craft introduction in the end, when they have jotted down the essential information about the topic.

A captivating and convincing essay introduction facilitates the audience with the necessary information about the topic. It takes its topic as a focal point and structures its basic elements to highlight every aspect of the essay. Remember that an essay’s introduction is usually not more than a paragraph so try to focus on the main ideas. Your opening statement, supporting details and thesis statement must aim to provide information about the topic and compel the audience to look through the details to learn something new and informative.