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Thursday 1 February 2018

How references play an important role in dissertation formatting?

What are references in the dissertation?

The references are those sources from where we collect the data for our dissertation. These references are very important for our dissertation so you should get help from dissertation writing services. Let’s discuss as to why references are important for our dissertation;
a) The references will save your dissertation from the plagiarism

b) The references will tell the readers about the authentication of your dissertation

c) These references allow you to acknowledge the contribution of other people in your dissertation

d) It is a way to provide the evidence to support your claims

Some important sources to use as references for your dissertation are given below;

a) Library books and journal articles

b) Magazines and newspapers

c) Some authentic websites

d) Personal interviews

e) Conference papers

f) Some other source of information like films, videos and television, etc.

What is dissertation formatting?

When we are asked to write a dissertation, then it is necessary for us to write a dissertation in the professional structure and format. In the dissertation formatting, we will have to see the following things;

a) What should be the page size?

b) What should be the paper margin?

c) What should be the spacing between the words?

d) What should be the type and size of the font?

We should also keep in mind the sequence of different sections of our dissertation.

Role of references in the dissertation formatting

When we are talking about the dissertation format, then we should keep in mind the sequence for our dissertation. The format for a dissertation is given below;

a) Title page

b) Copyright page

c) Abstract

d) Acknowledgement

e) Definitions

f) Table of contents

g) Table of figures

h) Introduction

i) Body

j) Illustration

k) References

l) Glossary

m) Appendices

These are the most important components of a dissertation. It is necessary for us to write all of these components in our dissertation. In these important components, references are also an important. If we don’t write the references section in our dissertation, then our dissertation will not be considered free from the plagiarism. Its reason is that when you write the references section in your dissertation, then you will write all the sources from where you have collected the data. In other words, you will acknowledge that these sources, you have used to collect the data for your dissertation. On the other hand, if you don’t write the references section in your dissertation, then it means that you have written your dissertation with original ideas without taking help from someone else.

Moreover, these sources are also very important for the authentication of your dissertation. If you write your dissertation without any source, then your dissertation will be doubtful for the audience. Moreover, if you make a claim about something in your dissertation, then it is necessary for you to support this claim with the help of some authentic source. It is also necessary for you to provide this source in the references section of your dissertation.