Wednesday 8 July 2020

Top 5 Internship Opportunities in UK for MBA Students

Internship Opportunities
London is known as center of global commerce and business. It is among the top cities in the world where you can earn an advance business degree and secure an MBA internship. In London, MBA internships are typically 10-12 weeks long. These internships mostly take place in summer. Many European MBA programs wrap up in a year, after that, it is important for the students to look for internship opportunities at a firm in which they can work long-term. In the following article, expert MBA dissertation help providers have highlighted some of the UK’s best MBA internship opportunities that can help you get a leg up on the competition.

McKinsey internships are typically 8-12 weeks in summer but you may also avail opportunities for few weeks during the spring and fall. The internship programs offered by McKinsey are best to explore management consulting at the company. Interns spend their time in summer working with the McKinsey client management team. At the end of internship, decision is made by each office whether or not to make permanent offer to the interns.

Google is among one of the largest tech companies in the world. It is also one of the top companies that hire MBA interns in the UK. Google’s London office provides opportunities for MBA internships, business internships in GMS Sales and Operations, and Marketing opportunities among the other internship programmes. 

Google offers MBA internships that are usually 10-12 weeks long that are offered in various areas of the company. There are a number of factor on which your placement depends. First, the intern are hired into job families and then the candidate work in the company for a while to find project groups that match their specific skills and interests. Once selected the project group, MBA interns start working on various projects and aim to solve real world problems. Any students who want to avail internship opportunities at Google must enroll in the company pursuing a full-time MBA program and must get back to the MBA program after completion of the internship.

Amazon is another platform for MBA interns in UK. Internship duration in Amazon is 11-12 weeks. These internships allow MBA interns to complete function specific projects. They are given responsibilities with which they can make strategic decisions that can have significant impact on the Amazon’s customers and overall business. Interns can chose any of the functional areas that include retail, finance, product management and operation management.

Bain and Company:
Interns working in Bain and Company during the summer programs are expected to work with client including Fortunate 500 companies to startups. While working with these powerful companies not only guarantee your professional success but also enhance your experience in the respective field. It is noted that Bain has provided full-time employment to 90% of interns. The interns can take 10 week summer program with a week-long retreat at Ocean Edge on Cape Cod learning the core Bain consulting skills. Interns are provided tasks to handle real business challenges and using their skills to provide best services to their clients. 

American Express:
The company is hiring MBA interns for its London, Brighton or Burgess Hill offices. Their summer internship program is 10-week and providing multiple opportunities like formal training, job experience, networking and mentoring. During summer associate programs the interns who perform well are asked to join again as part of the company’s Graduate Programs, which are 12-24 full-time job placements. Interns can avail different opportunities in AmEx’s Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Human Resources, and Risk & Governance departments. AmEx is considered a best company to work for. It is placed among “Top 25 Big Companies to Work For,” in The Sunday Times. MBA interns will surely get a lot of experience while working in the company.

These are the top five companies that are providing fantastic internship opportunities for the MBA students. While working with these companies students will definitely be able to advance in their academic knowledge regarding business administration. Working with skilled and experienced employers will enhance their skills in various areas. Interns can get opportunities to solve real life problems and when they will be placed as full time employers they will have a vast knowledge of their area of study.

Working with these influential companies the interns would become more confident and they can avail the full-time job opportunities in the particular firms. Thus working as an intern in these firms will not only enhance their skills but also benefit them in long-term.


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